Who we are

The registered association EFA stands for the first woman and mother for everyone regardless of their background or religion. A group of dedicated women from around the world meets up in the nonprofit organisation. These are specialists from different social professions and volunteers who pitch in their life experience to help and counsel refuged and migrant women and their kids in Gelsenkirchen.

In 2015 women from the womens advise center „Frauenberatungs- und Kontaktsstelle Gelsenkirchen e.V.“ developed a migrant self-organisation which became a standalone registered association. We are a member at „Der Paritätische“ and have our own centre for women called Frauenzentrum EFA in Hiberniastraße 6 in 45879 Gelsenkirchen.

As a diverse, international women’s group we want to help women arriving in the city. We empower the women to help themselves in every aspect of their life. The Frauenzentrum EFA is a genderspecific intercultural safe space which helps to ease the access to our offerings.

As an intercultural group we have the ability to help in different mothertongues, we speak german, arabic, farsi, kurdic, albanic, turkish and english and french. We want to offer single mothers in tough living situations without the ability to speak fluent german a women-only room. Needless to say we are open to every religious, cultural and sub-cultural differences and have a lot of knowledge and respect for different people.

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